About us

This is a small explanation of what Osta Ulkomailta! is all about.

Finland is expensive country. According to eurostat Finland is most expensive euro-country and second when comparing eu-countries (2011). Awerage wage in finland is little above 3000 euros per month, but heavy taxes and high prices keeps real incomes low.

This all has led to situation where we Finns buy more and more goods from foreign webstores because they are cheaper than Finnish stores. For example, foreign and domestic online markets are nearly 10 billion euros (2014) and 1.7 billion euros was spent in foreign webstores and services.

That amount is increasing, but information about reliable foreign webstores is hard to find. And that is why we are here. Osta Ulkomailta! is first website that offers customers a clear platform for sharing their experiences whatever good or bad they are. Our site has been online since 2010 and is visited nearly 300000 times per year.

Are you searching new markets for your businesses? Do you think your webstore is reliable, fast and cheap? If yes, then consider Finland as your next market. Don´t hesitate to contact us about your webstore or sharing your thoughts on our forum. We are here to help your business as well.